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: Junk Drawer Engineering: 25 Construction Challenges That Don't Cost a Thing
: Bobby Mercer
: Chicago Review Press
: 2017
: pdf/azw3 (conv.)
: 224
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: English

Theres no need for expensive, high-tech materials to test your engineering skillsyou probably have all you need in your home junk drawer. Each hands-on project in this book will challenge you to come up with a unique solution to a specific design problem. Construct a Pasta Bridge strong enough to support a heavy load, using only dry linguini and glue. Build a Marble Roller Coaster from recycled cardboard tubes, in which the marble car jumps a track to land safely at its final destination. Or design an Egg Catch device to safely capture a free-falling egg. Test yourself or use them for friendly competitionswho can come up with the best solution?
These 25 open-ended design challenges can be performed for just pennies . . . or less. Each project has a suggested materials list, step-by-step instructions with illustrations for one possible solution, and suggestions on how to adapt each challenge for different ages and skill levels. Educators and parents will find this title a handy resource to teach children problem-solving skills and applied physics, all while having a lot of fun.


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