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: Photographic Atlas of Pediatric Disorders and Diagnosis
: Ralph R. Salimpour MD DCH FAAP and Pedram Salimpour MD MPH
: 2013
: 22
: / English

There is no substitute for direct patientphysician interaction, but with Photographic Atlas of Pediatric Disorders and Diagnosis you can explore the full range of presenting symptoms in infants, children, and young adults through images of common and unusual presenting features for over 300 pediatric disorders. Many of these patient images have never been published anywhere in the world; all, are unique.

Let the power of this atlas enhance your visual diagnostic skills!
Over 900 images highlight common and rare manifestations for a spectrum of pediatric disordershelping you spot subtle signs of disease.
In-depth coverage addresses each disorder in all its manifestationsfrom the common to the unusual including etiology, symptoms, signs, treatment, and clinical pearls.
An anatomical table of contents helps you pinpoint a diagnosis when presented with unusual or disparate physical features.
An accompanying website contains the full text of the atlas, along with over 50 additional images, and over 25 additional topics not covered in the text.

"I recently received a copy of the book, Photographic Atlas of Pediatric Disorders and Diagnosis, which has not left my desk and which I have looked at every day. It is an outstanding contribution to our literature, beautifully illustrated and with very focused and helpful text accompanying each picture or group of pictures. Additionally, the quality of the paper is superb and the size of the book is one that surely will be appreciated by every reader or potential reader." - N. Paul Rosman, MD


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