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: Quilt Art Chinese Style: Decorate Your Home with Creative Patchwork Designs
: Qiao Shuang
: Shanghai Press
: 2019
: 25
: / English

With its combination of modern techniques and traditional patterns, Quilt Art Chinese Style will be an exciting new challenge for any crafter!This book highlights the popular craft of quilt art, which includes both trendy and timeless quilting techniques to create art objects with a special Asian flair for your home.This book includes:Basic patchwork techniques for beginnersa popular technique that can be traced all the way back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907)Step-by-step instructions for small projects, including appliques, clothing accessories and handbagsLarger projects to decorate your home, including tapestries and wall hangings, rugs, table runners and quilts.The beautiful projects highlighted in this book have a uniquely Chinese twistthey are full of culturally-significant symbols as well as elements of Chinese gardening and painting. Each piece is meant to act as a canvas, where crafters can show off their individual creativity.


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