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: N?hen mit Strickstoffen
: L. Lee
: Quarto Publishing
: 2018
: 104 mb
: epub
: 286
: Deutsch

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: Fresh Cut Flowers
: Liz Schwartz, Stephen Seifert
: ?Zippy Designs
: 2002
: 48
: / English

Take foundation pieced stained glass quilting to a new level. Recreate the old world charm of hand made woodcut prints in a spectacular floral quilt. Or, use alternate designs, without the woodcut effect, to create a quick and easy sampler. * Choose from over 60 new block designs plus two projects, each one with a distinctive look * Step-by-step instructions for the foundation piecing method and techniques for finishing your quilt.
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: How to Make a Dress: Adventures in the Art of Style
: Jenny Packham
: Ebury Press
: 2021
: 75
: / English

Jenny Packham is one of Britains leading designers and most in-demand couturiers, known for her exquisite dresses made for brides, celebrities, and even royalty. In How to Make a Dress, she explores her creative journey in a brilliant meditation on life and style. Beginning with the search for creative inspiration and taking us into her studio then onto the red carpet and beyond, she asks the questions that have preoccupied us for centuries: What makes the perfect dress? What do our clothes mean to us? And why do we dress the way we do? Whether she is on the trail of Marilyn Monroe in LA, designing a bespoke piece for the red carpet, or sketching for a new collection, Jenny documents her pursuit of the eternal truths of style. Decades in the making, How to Make a Dress is an unforgettable book for anyone who has ever loved a piece of clothing.
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: Bill Horan's Military Modelling Masterclass
: Bill Horan
: Osprey Publishing
: 1998
: pdf
: 128
: Mirknig.su
: 90,99

Expert military modeler Bill Horan shares his knowledge of materials and techniques. Illustrated with over 260 color photographs of models by the author and other leading miniaturists. Includes easy-to-follow instructions detailing the preparation and painting of figures, converting and scratch-building figures, creating small vignettes as well as major dioramas, and the special challenge of mounted cavalry figures.
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: Classic Kits: Collecting the Greatest Model Kits in the World, from Airfix to Tamiya
: Arthur Ward
: HarperCollins UK
: 2004
: pdf
: 192
: Mirknig.su
: 96,39

Classic Kits treats you to an international tour of model-kit history, taking in all the favoritesAirfix, Monogram, Mattel, Frog, Matchbox, Bandai, Merit Aurora, Esci, Heller, Tamiya, Fujimi, Eaglewall, Italeri, and more. Not only does this nostalgic guide allow you to compare and contrast the different models and their historical development (and, in some cases, demise), it also notes the rare and the valuable, so you can re-evaluate those pieces you have stored in your attic. Packed with color photos and valuable information for collectors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, Classic Kits is a one-of-a-kind history of the giants of miniature modeling.
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: 33 Useful Projects for the Woodworker
: School Shop Magazine
: Tab Books
ISBN: 0830627839
: 1986
: 162
: 104 MB
: English

This collection of woodworking projects, ranging from money-saving shop accessories to sleek, contemporary furniture, includes step-by-step directions, material lists, and detailed illustrations
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: Sew Small: 19 Little Bags: Stash Your Coins, Keys, Earbuds, Jewelry & More
: Jennifer Heynen
: C&T Publishing
: 2017
: 25
: / English

Sew 19 simply embellished projects including a card holder, coin purses, earbud holder, small wallets, pouches and organizers. These cute and useful bags are perfect for holding all of your little things. Personalize the organizers with adorable embellishments and appliqu?s and use up your scraps, trims, and other odds and ends! Great to give as gifts or keep for yourself, these tiny bags will bring a smile to anyone's face.
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: Wear, Repair, Repurpose: A Maker's Guide to Mending and Upcycling Clothes
: Lily Fulop
: Countryman Press
: 2020
: 55
: / English

In with the old, out with the new?reclaiming your closet and reducing fashion waste starts here. Repair your favorite socks with style, add flair with personalized patches, and turn ripped jeans into an embroidered masterpiece. For beginner and experienced makers, Lily Fulop's guide to mending and upcycling is your colorful companion to ditching fast fashion and extending the lifecycle of all your favorite clothes. Fulop's vibrant step-by-step illustrations make mending easier than every, demystifying techniques and displaying unique ways to show off your personality. And when your mending possibilities run out, she has simple yet striking solutions to repurpose fabric, including braided rugs, crocheted pillows, and more. Say hello to sustainable inspiration.
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: The Refashion Handbook: Refit, Redesign, Remake for Every Body
: Beth Huntington
: C&T Publishing
: 2014
: 23
: / English

Take secondhand finds from frumpy to fabulous with a little help from Beth Huntington, a.k.a. the Renegade Seamstress. The Refashion Handbook contains 19 stylish projects, each showing you how to transform easy-to-find items into a better fit, a new design, or a radical makeover. Learn the basics of refashioning: how to measure, reshape, fit, and finish a garment, so it fits you perfectly. Plus size? Petite? No problem! Beth's designs flatter a wide variety of sizes and body types. Her easy techniques are fun for even beginning sewists. You'll love creating your own secondhand chic!
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: Amy Butler's Blossom: Create Love - Express Beauty - Be Kind
: Amy Butler
: Chronicle Books
: 2016
: 17
: / English

Amy Butler's Blossom magazine is a biannual collection of everything that inspires her: page after page of photographs from her travels to spiritual locales such as Morocco and Sedona; meditative articles from like-minded designers, artists, and life coaches; the signature designs and textiles that she creates from these inspirations; plus her ongoing exploration of positive and joyful living. Now available in print for the first time, this irresistible look-book compiles the first two issues of the magazine. Brimming with photographs, fashion, art, patterns, and written pieces that reflect Amy's unique philosophy of life and style, Blossom will capture the imagination of anyone in search of beauty and meaning.
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