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: British armored cars in World War II: The best technologies of world wars
: John B. Carpenter, William S. Carson
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2018
: 41
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 11.4 MB

In this book you will get acquainted with models of armored cars of Great Britain, which took part in the Second World War. Here you will learn about the history of their creation, combat use, and also be able to compare tactical and technical characteristics.

The book is intended for those who are interested in military armored vehicles.

In principle, the difference between an armored car and a wheeled armored personnel carrier is in the purpose of the machine. The armored conveyor is intended for transportation (transportation) of marksmen (infantry) on the battlefield or to the immediate place of battle, where the enemy can shell the car, while the armored car serves to detect and defeat the enemy by fire from airborne weapons. There are specialized armored vehicles that do not have an amphibious compartment, which are not armored vehicles, and armored personnel carriers that do not have integral airborne weapons, which cannot be called armored vehicles. However, modern armored cars are often the versions of wheeled armored personnel carriers, and therefore they do not lend themselves to a clear classification.

Before the outbreak of World War II and already in its years in the UK, a large number of different wheeled armored cars were created. In this case they were issued in very large series. So only Humber presented three variants of wheeled armored cars, all of them were produced serially.

They were a light reconnaissance armored car Humber Light Reconnaissance Car (about 3,600 vehicles), a Humber Scout Car reconnaissance armored vehicle (about 4,300 vehicles were produced) and an average armored car Humber Armored Car, which, according to the British classification, was a light wheeled tank (more than 3,600 vehicles were produced).

In this edition there are only a few tanks. A full description of the models is available in the extended version of the book.


Reconnaissance armored car Humber Mk.IV
Intelligence armored car M6 "Staghound"
Armored personnel carrier Universal
Dingo Mk I (Scout Car Daimler Dingo)
Reconnaissance armored car Daimler Mk I

British armored cars in World War II: The best technologies of world wars


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