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Ubuntu The Complete Guide - 11th Edition 2021: Ubuntu The Complete Guide - 11th Edition 2021
: Jon White (Editorial Director)
: Future Publishing
: 2021
: 100
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: 11.8 MB

Many people who want to make the move from their Windows systems to a Linux distribution choose Ubuntu as their first step in the process. The reasons for this are clear, as it provides a clean, attractive GUI, and usability by the bucket-load. It is the perfect environment in which to begin learning about the command line and creating a more customisable workspace, while still benefitting from the advantages that you were used to in Windows and other desktop systems. In this newly revised edition, our aim is to guide you from where you are now - whether that's about to download Ubuntu, or looking for ways to supercharge your experience - to becoming a confident Ubuntu power user. You'll discover the best features of Ubuntu's default software, and the best FOSS apps for you to download from the Software Centre.

Like most software, Ubuntu has released versions and code names. If youve never come across Ubuntu before then these can be a bit, erm, unusual and confusing so let us explain. Canonical, the company that develops Ubuntu, releases two versions a year and it then increases the version number by one. The releases are in April (04) and October (10), so version 21.04 was released in April 2021. The release after was 21.10 in October 2021. Each normal release gets nine months of support updates. Every two years theres a Long Term Support (LTS) release that gets three years of support releases. The current one is 21.04 LTS; the next will be 22.04 LTS. If you want something more stable, we suggest opting for one of these releases. To add to the quirkiness, every release gets an interesting release name, after an animal that cycles the alphabet for each release.

Ubuntu The Complete Guide - 11th Edition 2021


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