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 The Medusa Chronicles  (): The Medusa Chronicles
: Stephen Baxter
: Orion Publishing Group
: Peter Kenny
: 2016
: , Sci-Fi
: mp3
: 64 kbps
: 12:05:00
: 387.81

Following an accident that almost cost him his life, Howard Falcon was not so much saved as he was converted, through the use of prosthetics, into something faster, stronger and smarter...but also slightly less human and more machine than he was.

And with this change came an opportunity - that of piloting a mission into Jupiter's atmosphere and ultimately of making first contact with the life forms he discovers there.

Picking up the threads of humanity versus artificial intelligence and machines, and of encounters with the alien, this collaborative novel between two superb writers is a sequel to Howard Falcon's adventures.

Sequel to Arthur C. Clarkes Nebula Awardwinning novella "A Meeting with Medusa, also included in this torrent.
A Meeting with Medusa
by Arthur C. Clarke

In leading an expedition through the many-layered Jovian atmosphere in the hydrogen balloon craft Kon-Tiki, Captain Howard Falcon discovers a world where bioluminescent air plankton produce brilliant atmospheric sea-fire, predatory manta-ray creatures dominate the skies, and enormous jellyfish-like beings grow to be over a mile across.

: The Medusa Chronicles

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