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Japanese with Ease (Vol. 1,2 + Audio)

: Japanese with Ease
: Garnier C., Toshiko M.
: Assimil
: 2007
: pdf + mp3 (128 kbps)
: 382 (Vol. 1), 528 (Vol. 2)
: 148 MB
: English / Japanese

If you think learning a foreign language means tiresome work, then this first volume of Japanese with Ease is here to show you a new and exciting way to speak and read Japanese! This volume of 49 lessons is the first part of a two-volume package that includes the 99 lessons of Japanese with Ease. Providing you with Japanese characters, their Romanized equivalent, and a pronunciation key specially designed for English-speaking learners, it will soon enable you to read and speak Japanese like a native.

The active phase of your study begins with this second volume of Japanese with Ease. These 50 lessons will allow you to improve your Japanese. You will not only widen your knowledge of the language but you will also be able to evaluate your progress, as you become increasingly able to make the best use of what you have learned. Be confident and enjoy learning Japanese with the lively dialogues taken from everyday events in Japan.


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