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: Bonny Pierce Lhotka
: Digital Alchemy: Printmaking techniques for fine art, photography, and mixed media
: New Riders
: 2010
: Voices That Matter
ISBN: 0321732995
: English
: epub
: 16,4 mb
: 320

Using plenty of visuals and straightforward terms, Lhotka walks you step-by-step through over a dozen projects. Forget printing on boring old paper, in Digital Alchemy, youll learn how to transfer and print images to a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, fabric, stone, and plastic using the techniques Lhotkas spent years developing.

If youre a photographer looking for new ways to personalize your work or a digital artist whos ready to take your work to the next level, youll find all of the tools, techniques, and inspiration you need in this book. Lhotkas enthusiasm for experimenting with unusual printing materials and processes has led her to create new and amazing transfer techniques, including one that resembles a Polaroid transfer on steroids. She also shows you how to make prints using unexpected, everyday materials such as hand sanitizer and gelatin. Youll even learn direct printing, the technique for sending your custom substrate through your printer almost as if it were paper.


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