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Digit Magazine  September 2016: Digit Magazine
: September
: 2016
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Become a Hacker! and beat them at their own game. ButTorrent: Everything you need to know about file sharing, spoofing IPs, finding mirrors of websites, and bypassing ISP restrictions Outsmarting sys-admins: System admins are sometimes over zealous in restricting your online freedom. To get your work done, you need to break those shackles. How to be invisible online: Hide your trail online, so that youre virtually untraceable with the help of hardware and software services The darwin awards: We list down several hacks that you should definitely try on noobs to teach them the basics of securing themselves When geeks hack: Look at what happens when geeks decide to bend the rules on their way to glory. They get caught of course, but its a fun lesson for us all!

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