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The Armourer Militaria Magazine 1-12 2013
: The Armourer Militaria Magazine
: 2013
: 1-12
: pdf
: 156,9 mb
: English

The Armourer Militaria, a bi-monthly magazine, includes regular articles on Ordnance, Bayonets, Medals, Insignia, Uniforms, Military Museums, World War I and World War II.

A dedicated guide for militaria collectors, The Armourer is the premier tool for militaria enthusiasts in the UK. Details on militaria fairs, events and auctions make this magazine a one-stop shop for any collectors needs. In addition The Armourer also features many great articles on medals, weapons and military history, covering the many fascinating conflicts that have contributed to British history and how what place militaria memorabilia has in memorialising these events. Whether readers are enthusiasts for history or are militaria collectors for other reasons, The Armourer offers expert advice from other collectors and historians that simply cant be passed up.

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