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Transistor Amplifiers
: Transistor Amplifiers
: Dennis L. Feucht
: Innovatia Laboratories
: 2014
: pdf
: 439
: 10,1 M

Transistor amplifiers have been written about for well over a half century. Why another book on an old subject? I have three reasons. As a field develops, simplifications and refinements occur and misconceptions are corrected. This is still true for analog circuits. Some important concepts have yet to diffuse broadly, leaving engineers and technicians in the dark about puzzling kinds of circuit behavior. This book brings out some of what is either missing or crowded out of introductory active-circuits textbooks and corrects some misconceptions. It also presents refined ways of thinking about circuits that simplify understanding of them. A fuller engineering development of most of these themes is in my Analog Circuit Design book-set, and in this book, I offer fresh and different ways of thinking about neglected or confusing topics.

Transistor Amplifiers

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