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How to Pay Zero Taxes 2016: How to Pay Zero Taxes 2016
: Jeff A. Schnepper
: McGraw-Hill Education
: 2016
: 45
: / English

Updated for 2016a new revised edition of the classic guide that shows you how to pay less to the IRS

Easy to read, easy to use, and hard to beat, this comprehensive tax-saving guide has become the go-to resource for tax professionals and home filers alike. Unlike other brand-name guides, the book focuses on tax saving, not tax preparationzeroing in on the one thing you really care about: paying less to the IRS.

Tax expert Jeff Schnepper explains everything you need to know in simple, accessible terms, organizing important subjects like deductions, exemptions, and tax shelters into six simple sections. The book includes the most up-to-date informationand hundreds of insider tipsthat can lower your tax bills, and save you a bundle, year after year.

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