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: Digital Control Applications Illustrated with MATLAB
: Hemchandra Madhusudan Shertukde
: CRC Press
: 2015
: 32
: / English

Digital Control Applications Illustrated with MATLAB covers the modeling, analysis, and design of linear discrete control systems. Illustrating all topics using the micro-computer implementation of digital controllers aided by MATLAB, Simulink, and FEEDBACK<, this practical text:

- Describes the process of digital control, followed by a review of Z-transforms, feedback control concepts, and s-to-z plane conversions, mappings, signal sampling, and data reconstruction
- Presents mathematical representations of discrete systems affected by the use of advances in computing methodologies and the advent of computers
- Demonstrates state-space representations and the construction of transfer functions and their corresponding discrete equivalents
- Explores steady-state and transient response analysis using Root-Locus, as well as frequency response plots and digital controller design using Bode Plots
- Explains the design approach, related design processes, and how to evaluate performance criteria through simulations and the review of classical designs
- Studies advances in the design of compensators using the discrete equivalent and elucidates stability tests using transformations
- Employs test cases, real-life examples, and drill problems to provide students with hands-on experience suitable for entry-level jobs in the industry.


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