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: Digital Image Interpolation in Matlab
: Chi-Wah Kok, Wing-Shan Tam
: Wiley-IEEE Press
ISBN: 1119119618
: 2019
: 339
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: 14.7 MB

This book provides a comprehensive study in digital image interpolation with theoretical, analytical and Matlab implementation. It includes all historically and practically important interpolation algorithms, accompanied with Matlab source code on a website, which will assist readers to learn and understand the implementation details of each presented interpolation algorithm. Furthermore, sections in fundamental signal processing theories and image quality models are also included. The authors intend for the book to help readers develop a thorough consideration of the design of image interpolation algorithms and applications for their future research in the field of digital image processing.

Introduces a wide range of traditional and advanced image interpolation methods concisely and provides thorough treatment of theoretical foundations
Discusses in detail the assumptions and limitations of presented algorithms
Investigates a variety of interpolation and implementation methods including transform domain, edge-directed, wavelet and scale-space, and fractal based methods
Features simulation results for comparative analysis, summaries and computational and analytical exercises at the end of each chapter
Digital Image Interpolation in Matlab is an excellent guide for researchers and engineers working in digital imaging and digital video technologies. Graduate students studying digital image processing will also benefit from this practical reference text.

Digital Image Interpolation in Matlab


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