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: Chalk Art and Lettering 101: An Introduction to Chalkboard Lettering, Illustration, Design, and More
: Amanda Arneill, Shannon Roberts
: Paige Tate Select
: 2017
: 144
: 303 Mb
: English

Discover your inner chalk artist!
Chalk art and lettering are all around: on menu boards at a favorite local coffee shop, brightening sidewalk easels at street fairs, and in lively artwork found in the home. Chalk art and lettering pros Amanda Arneill and Shannon Roberts have teamed up to provide friendly, step-by-step instruction in chalk lettering and art, teaching you all you need to know to create your own chalk masterpieces:
Getting started the basics of making and seasoning your own chalkboards
Lettering various alphabets and lettering styles
Illustration steps and processes in chalk art, including banners, flowers and more
Design brings lettering and art techniques together with guided chalk projects ideas


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