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: Swartzlander, Earl E
: Computer Arithmetic: Volume I-III. Reprint Edition
: World Scientific Publishing Co
: 2015
ISBN: 9789814651561; 9789814641463; 9789814651134
: English
: pdf
: 108 mb
: 396+484+468

Since the development of the first electronic digital computers, the primary issues associated with computers have evolved from questions of feasibility to methods for improving the implementation efficiency. This transition has occurred in less than three decades and of course reflects the tremendous progress in all aspects of computer technology.

Volume I examined the basic arithmetic operations of add, subtract, inultipfy, divide and their application to the computation of logarithms, functions, and floating point arithmetic. With the tremendous progress in computing and microelectronic technology it was appropriate to extend the material.

Volume II examines theoretical aspects of arithmetic (with Sections on number representation and on-line arithmetic), design aspects (with Sections on error detection and correction), and implementation aspects (with chapters on VLSI Adders, VLSI Multipliers, and Floating-Point VLSI Chips). The bibliography is updated to 1990 and greatly expanded from that of Computer Arithmetic Volume I.

The goal of Volume III is to collect the defining document for floating-point arithmetic and many of the key papers on the implementation of both binary and decimal floating-point arithmetic into a single volume.


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