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Go Pro The Complete Manual, 2nd Edition: Go Pro The Complete Manual, 2nd Edition
: Aaron Asadi
: Imagine Publishing
: 2016
: 14,8
: / English

Durable and wearable, GoPro has become to the go-to device for capturing the world around us. Whether its strapped to a dogs collar or a mountaineers helmet, it records the wearers point-of-view in high-quality, high-resolution footage. The dramatic results have made GoPro cameras a irm favourite of TV companies, sports personalities and even spacemen. Astronauts have embraced the technology, capturing HD video of spacewalks and transporting viewers to the International Space Station to bear witness to the breathtaking, vertigo-inducing views from space.

This is the power of the GoPro. But the cameras purse-friendly price puts it within reach of Earth-bound adventurers, too.From videographers to casual home users, professional-looking results are within everyones reach. Realise the potential of your device and read the inspiring story of how one mans adventure helped so many others to share theirs

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