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The History of Castles: Fortifications Around the World
: The History of Castles: Fortifications Around the World
: Christopher Gravett
: The Lyons Press
ISBN: 1585744352
: 2001
: 196
: 53,0

Gravett (Bosworth 1485), an internationally recognized medieval expert and chief curator at Her Majesty's Tower of London, has put together a spectacular volume filled with breathtaking photography and fascinating history surrounding the building and lives of castles. Tackling the subject on a massive and global scale, Gravett explores castles in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as other fortifications in India, China, Japan, and Central and South America, and forts in the United States. He shows castles as symbols of power and places built for defense, administration, and the dispensation of justice. He also discusses religious battles and siege warfare. The book contains 200 beautiful color photographs, 30 reconstructions, 70 detailed maps, and an excellent index and table of contents. Although it makes for a handy traveling companion, this book also belongs in history and architecture collections.

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