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All About History Book of Ancient Rome Revised Edition
: All About History Book of Ancient Rome Revised Edition
(): Nick McCarty
: Imagine Publishing
: All About History Book
: 2015
: 164
: English
: True PDF
: 84 MB

Discover the truth about the greatest Empire of all, and separate myth from history. From its legendary beginnings to its eventual fall from grace with the loss of Constantinople, learn all about the long reign of the Romans and their fearless armies, ruthless leaders, and mysterious beliefs and traditions.
The legacy of the vast empire of ancient Rome is present everywhere around us in the modern world today. The Romans left us poetry, ideas, laws, and vocabulary, but the practical heritage the Roman Empire passed down is most evident in the elds of engineering and architecture, from the vastness of the Colosseum to the elegance of the forums in Rome. All of this is monument to the glory of the rule of ancient Rome and its military might. The Romans continued fear of outsiders drove them to relentlessly conquer land after land. This book takes an in-depth look at the ruthless armies, the many battles, great deeds and rulers from heroes to villains and the eventual demise of the greatest empire of the ancient world.

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