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: Encyclopedia of China: The Essential Reference to China, Its History and Culture
: Dorothy Perkins
: Facts on File
ISBN: 1579581102
: 1998
: 684
: 46,0

Encyclopedia of China is a goldmine of information on the world's most populous country. It's easy to read, written in a lively and straightforward style, and filled with fascinating detail. Unfortunately, it displays a strong Sinocentricity, conscious or not, reinforcing the monolithic face that China likes to present to the world. The accomplishments of minorities and neighbors are marginalized, and Uighurs, Tibetans, and Vietnamese, to name a few, will be surprised at the book's ignorance of their history and achievements. Monkeys get more space than Mongolians, who ruled China for a century and substantially changed many aspects of Chinese culture. This tendency might be expected, but it is not inevitable. The book ignores well-publicized archaeological discoveries, such as Sanxingdui, that indicate China's heterogeneous origins; the highly sophisticated and influential Kingdom of Chu does not even rate an entry.


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