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: Gabriele Galimberti
: My Couch is Your Couch: Exploring How People Live Around the World
: Potter Style
: 2015
ISBN: 978-0804185578
: English
: epub
: 62,7 mb
: 176

Tour the world from inside other peoples homes.
Documentarian and photographer Gabriele Galimberti traveled the world for more than two years. He stayed only with members of the diverse, multicultural Couchsurfing.com community, the social network website that connects travelers with hosts across the globe. The stunning photography collection in My Couch Is Your Couch reveals the wide range of spaces we can call home. Sleeping everywhere, from a castle-like estate in Germany surrounded by a moat to a hut in Fiji made of metal sheeting, from the recording studio and flat of an indie band in London to a cube-shaped cement home in rural Morocco adorned only with Berber carpets, Gabriele saw the world and its cultures from the inside. Across six continents, he photographed his hosts at home, at work, and at play, and in doing so, captured the essence of each person and place.

My Couch Is Your Couch is about sharing and learning; it presents moments of awkwardness and discomfort, friendship, and sometimes even love. Ultimately, Gabriele reveals whats at the center of travel: connecting with other people.

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