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Market Leader. New Edition (+ CD)
: David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent
: Market Leader. New Edition (+ CD)
: Pearson Longman
: 2006
: pdf, mp3
: 384

Market Leader Upper Intermediate New Edition features new authentic reading texts and listening material containing interviews with business experts. It provides students with the professional communication and language skills necessary for a wide range of business situations such as presentations, networking, handling difficult situations, and active listening.

The Course Book has 14 main units and two revision units. There is also a Grammar reference, Writing and Activity files, Audio scripts and a Vocabulary file grouped by topic area.
Market Leader Upper Intermediate

Topics that matter
Market Leader Upper Intermediate New Edition reflects the world of business today, and the issues that are shaping the business environment - from international marketing to e-commerce and crisis management.

Content that inspires
Market Leader uses authentic resources and material from the business environment, such as the world famous and respected Financial Times. Using authentic material means students get the best business resources around and helps expand their practical vocabulary and so build their language confidence.


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