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Greek Sculpture: Its Spirit and Its Principles
: Greek Sculpture: Its Spirit and Its Principles
(): Edmund Von Mach
: Parkstone
: 2006
ISBN: 1859950418
: 256
: English
: True PDF
: 94 MB

The spirit of Greek sculpture is synonymous with the spirit of sculpture. It is simple, and therefore defies definitions. We may feel it, but we can not express it. () Open your eyes, study the statues, look, think and look again is the precept to all who learn to know Greek sculpture.
Edmund von Mach (1870-1927) was an art historian and a professor at the department of fine arts at Harvard University. He wrote several books on ancient art such as A Handbook of Greek and Roman Sculpture but also on recent subjects such as Outlines of the History of Painting and The Art of Painting in the Nineteenth Century. He also edited the Allgemienes Lexikon der Bildenden Kunstler.

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