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Book of Architecture: An Eighteenth-Century Classic

: Book of Architecture: An Eighteenth-Century Classic
: James Gibbs
: Dover Publications. Inc.
ISBN: 9780486142340
: 2008
: 192
: 201.9 MB
: English

One of England's most respected and influential architects, James Gibbs was born in Scotland, studied in Rome, and left a legacy of design the world will treasure forever. His legendary 1728 folio, a sprawling gallery of Gibbs's magnificent drawings, perspectives, and blueprints, is a brilliant testimony to his remarkable talent.
Profusely illustrated, the volume features such notable commissions as London's St. Martin in the Fields the inspiration for many steeple churches of the colonial period in America; St. Mary le Strand, his first public building; Marybone Chapel; The Church of Allhallows in Derby; plus Gibbs's first commission, an addition for King's College at Cambridge.


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