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The Army of Northern Virginia
: The Army of Northern Virginia: Lees Army in the American Civil War 1861-1865
: Philip Katcher
: Fitzroy Dearborn
: 2003
: True PDF
: 362
: 12 Mb
: English

The Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was one of the greatest fighting formations in history: a combination of an outstanding commander and an excellent fighting force. This book offers an in-depth study of why this formation was so successful against Northern armies, which often had a greater wealth of resources and manpower and some very able leaders. Almost always outnumbered, Lee's forces were able to record a number of notable victories by giving free rein to subordinates and utilizing the fighting qualities of the army's units to the full. But more than anything else, The Army of Northern Virginia looks closely at the human dimension of Lee's army: the quality and individuality of its generals and their ability to interpret their superior's orders; the fighting spirit of the average "Johnny Reb"; and, above all, the leadership of Robert E. Lee himself, who became one of the 19th century's greatest generals. Also includes color and black and white maps.

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