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Firearms Identification Volume I - II
: Firearms Identification Volume I - II
: J. H. Mathews
: Charles C Thomas
ISBN: 0398023557
: 1973
: 646, 494
: 101,7

Dr. J. H. Mathews, a 1903 graduate of the University of Wisconsin, with later Master's and Doctor's degrees from Harvard, is one of the real pioneers in criminal investigation work involving firearms identification. His first criminal case was in 1923 and involved the metallographic analysis of certain parts of a bomb which had killed one person and badly injured another. As a result of his success in this case, other cases, including firearms examinations and identifications, soon came to his laboratory and, as his well-deserved reputation in this work spread, the demand for his services rose until he now has a record of several hundred important cases successfully completed and can be considered one of the world's outstanding experts in this field. For 16 years he was a member of the Madison, Wisconsin, Police and Fire Commission, and for a time he was president of that body.

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