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Douglas A-26 Invader (Famous Airplanes of the World (Old) 092)
: Douglas A-26 Invader
: Burnin Do
: Famous Airplanes of the World (Old) 092
: 1977
: 67
: Japanese
: 94 MB

The Douglas A-26 Invader (B-26 between 19481965) was a United States twin-engined light attack bomber built by the Douglas Aircraft Co. during World War II that also saw service during several of the Cold War's major conflicts. A limited number of highly modified aircraft (designation A-26 restored) served in combat until 1969.
The redesignation of the type from A-26 to B-26 has led to popular confusion with the Martin B-26. Although both types used the R-2800 engine, they are completely different designs. The last A-26 in active US service was assigned to the Air National Guard; that aircraft was retired from military service in 1972 by the US Air Force and the National Guard Bureau and donated to the National Air and Space Museum.

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