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: The North Irish Horse in the Great War
: Phillip Tardif
: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 1473833752
: 2016
: PDF (conv)
: 360
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Sent to France in August 1914 the North Irish Horse (NIH) werethe first British reservist regiment to see action (at Le Cateau) before fighting as rearguard on the long retreat to the outskirts of Paris.
For the next four years they saw action in many of the major battles (Ypres, Somme, Passchendaele, Cambrai) and were involved in the final advance to victory.
The book not only describes the Regiment's actions by squadron but focuses on the officers and men; their background, motivation and courageous deeds and sacrifices. The author places the Regiment's achievement in the context of the overall war and also reflects on the effect that unfolding events (eg the Easter Rising) in Northern Ireland had on the Regiment and its members.


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