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Battles For Scandinavia (Time-Life World War II Series)
: John R. Elting
: Battles For Scandinavia (Time-Life World War II Series)
: Time-Life Books
: 1981
: 216
: English
: 60 MB

This is a great summary of WW2 in the Scandinavian theatre and, like all Time-Life Books, the photos are truly excellent. If this aspect of WW2 history is of interest to you, it's a great intro or summary. The book starts of with a good potted bio of Marshall Carl Gustav Mannerheim, the Finnish military commander and one of the truly outstanding generals of WW2 (and one of the greatest "defensive" generals of all time), covers the the 1939-40 Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland, then German invasions of Denmark and Norway. Again, with a very good overview of the fighting in Norway and the French-English intervention force.

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