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: Knives and Swords: A Visual History
: Chris McNub
: Dorling Kindersley Ltd.
: 2010
ISBN: 075665646X
: 362
: English
: True PDF
: 32 MB

From the first moment when human beings fashioned crude weapons there has been an on-going arms race to gain battlefield advantage. But the resulting swords, daggers, and other weapons were more than simply brutal killing implements. They could be useful tools or status symbols. And of course they could possess the touch of master craftsmen. "Knives and Swords" takes readers through a visiual journey across centuries and cultures. The book combines brief historical notes with some stunning photographs of weapons. Some of the these are classics such as the Gladius, Katana, Kukri, Zulu Iklwa, and Halberd. But there are also some less known weapons such as a European judicial sword, numerous beautiful Indian and oriental designs, and African swords. Bayonets, twentieth century military knives, and other implents are shown.

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