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Knight: The Warrior and World of Chivalry (General Military)
: Knight: The Warrior and World of Chivalry
(): Robert Jones
: Osprey Publishing
: General Military
: 2011
ISBN: 978-1849083126
: 242
: English
: 54 MB

From a life-long student of the medieval long sword and medieval history comes a comprehensive overview of the Age of the Knights. Jones shows that behind the popular image of the knight in shining armor lies a world that is both more complex and more fascinating. Were knights glory-seeking, bloodthirsty thugs that lay ravage to the Holy Land or simple Christians serving their king? Jones explores the myths and controversies behind their battle-effectiveness and chivalric code. He also examines knighthood as a "career path" and investigates the role of the knight in law and justice. Lavishly illustrated and drawing on rare first-hand accounts, this book reveals the world of the knight in all its tarnished glory.

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