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Ships of the Royal Navy 1922
: Ships of the Royal Navy
(): Oscar Parkes
: Sampson Low, Martson & Co. Ltd
: 1922
: 192
: English
: 83 MB

The editor of Fighting Ships has compiled a useful and interesting account of the Navy as it is, with numerous photographs. His technical descriptions are clear and sufficiently detailed, and his comments are instructive. We may draw attention to the pages dealing with the ' Hood ' and the Courageous,' with the new light cruisers 'Emerald' and 'Enterprise' now completing, and with the aircraft carriers in which, according to Mr. Parkes, we lead the world. The Argus,' begun as an Italian liner, but completed as a carrier during the War, is the most curious, as she has neither funnels nor masts, and her decks are clear from stem to stern. The 'Eagle,' which is much larger and faster, has the usual funnels and a tripod mast amidships, but there is plenty of room on her decksa hundred yards on either side of the funnelsfor aeroplanes to take off or alight. The Eagle,' it may be noted, was designed as a Chilian battleship, but, while on the stocks, was altered for her present purpose. The Navy has been reduced in size, but, as Mr. Parkes shows, it is very much alive.

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