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Encyclopedia of Nursing Education
: Mary Jane Smith, Roger D. Carpenter, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
: Encyclopedia of Nursing Education
: Springer Publishing Company
: 2015
ISBN: 978-0826120311
: English
: pdf
: 13,4 mb
: 432

The book contains more than 175 detailed entries, and will be a valuable reference text for doctoral- and master's-level nursing students, nursing faculty, university and hospital libraries worldwide, and hospital nursing departments and schools.

The listing of entries has been carefully culled from recent nursing literature and six volumes of the Annual Review of Nursing Education. Each entry follows a standard template that includes definition, application in nursing education, a synopsis including a brief summary of what is in the literature on the topic, and a concluding summary discussing future development in nursing education. Listings are alphabetized for easy access, and are accompanied by a comprehensive reference list.

The book will be most useful to new nurse educators and to students in graduate programs in nursing education, either at the master's or doctoral level. In addition, the encyclopedia will serve as a resource for all levels of faculty in schools of nursing. For each entry, the reader will have a beginning introduction to a topic along with both the most recent and the classic references relevant to nursing education. The alphabetical ordering of entries offers the reader ease in locating a topic. For consistency and comparison, each topic is organized using the following headings: Definition, Application, Synopsis, and Recommendations. This consistent format for all entries gives the reader focused information on the topic and facilitates understandings across topics, particularly when there are related topics in large content areas such as simulation and mentoring.

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