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: ASP.NET Core in Action
: Andrew Lock
: Manning Publications
: 2018
: 650
: True PDF
: 42 Mb
: English

ASP.NET Core in Action is for C# developers without any web development experience who want to get started and productive fast using ASP.NET Core 2.0 to build web applications.

The dev world has permanently embraced open platforms with flexible tooling, and ASP.NET Core has changed with it. This free, open source web framework delivers choice without compromise. You can enjoy the benefits of a mature, well-supported stack and the freedom to develop and deploy from and onto any cloud or on-prem platform.

ASP.NET Core in Action opens up the world of cross-platform web development with .NET. Youll start with a crash course in .NET Core, immediately cutting the cord between ASP.NET and Windows. Then, youll begin to build amazing web applications step by step, systematically adding essential features like logins, configuration, dependency injection, and custom components. Along the way, youll mix in important process steps like testing, multiplatform deployment, and security.

What's inside

Covers ASP.NET Core 2.0
Dynamic page generation with the Razor templating engine
Developing ASP.NET Core apps for non-Windows servers
Clear, annotated examples in C#

Readers need intermediate experience with C# or a similar language.


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