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: iPhone & iPad Game Development For Dummies
: Neal Goldstein (et al.)
: Wiley Publishing, Inc.
: 2010
ISBN: 9780470599105
: pdf
: 508
: 10,6 mb
: English

The iPhone and iPad arethe hottest techno-gadgets on the market today, and games for it are even hotter. To help you cash in on the trend, this book shows what it takes to create a good iPhone and iPad game and how to get it into the App Store.

Neal Goldstein, leader of an iPhone app startup company, and his co-authors show you how to build a game that will sell, include quality graphics, market your game through the App Store, and more. Whether you're a programming novice or an experienced developer looking to enter the game market, here's how to get going.

Games for the iPhone are among the hottest apps in Apple's App Store
Learn to build two game applications from beginning to end
Written by successful mobile app developers, this guide begins with how to get started, including downloading the SDK and filling your toolbox
Covers programming with Objective-C and Cocoa, what makes a good game, graphics, and creating good mobile apps
Explains how to market your game through the App Store

iPhone and iPad Game Development For Dummiescan start you on a fun hobby or a lucrative career.


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