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: Practical Data Science with SAP: Machine Learning Techniques for Enterprise Data, Early Release
: Greg Foss, Paul Modderman
: O'Reilly Media
: 2019
: epub/pdf(conv.)
: 300
: 17.2 Mb
: English

With Early Release ebooks, you get books in their earliest formthe author's raw and unedited content as he or she writesso you can take advantage of these technologies long before the official release of these titles.
Learn how to fuse todays data science tools and techniques with your SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. With this practical guide, SAP veterans Greg Foss and Paul Modderman demonstrate how to use several data analysis tools to solve interesting problems with your SAP data.
Data engineers and scientists will explore ways to add SAP data to their analysis processes, while SAP business analysts will learn practical methods for answering questions about the business. By focusing on grounded explanations of both SAP processes and data science tools, this book gives data scientists and business analysts powerful methods for discovering deep data truths.
Youll explore:
Examples of how data analysis can help you solve several SAP challenges
Natural language processing for unlocking the secrets in text
Data science techniques for data clustering and segmentation
Methods for detecting anomalies in your SAP data
Data visualization techniques for making your data come to life


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