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Microservices in Production

: Microservices in Production
: Susan Fowler
: O'Reilly
: 2016
: ePub, Mobi, pdf
: 24
: 8.29 MB

When engineering organizations adopt microservice architecture, and split their large monolithic applications into hundreds (or thousands) of microservices, one of the biggest challenges they face is the lack of architectural and organizational standardization across their microservice ecosystems.

n this report, author Susan Fowler looks at lessons learned from driving a production-readiness initiative across Ubers more than one thousand microservices. Youll explore eight production-readiness requirements that she and her fellow SREs at Uber adopted after countless hours of research inside and outside the companyrequirements that apply to every microservice while providing real, quantifiable results: stability, reliability, scalability, fault-tolerance, catastrophe-preparedness, performance, monitoring, and documentation.

This report explains why each of these requirements was specifically chosen.

Providing each microservice team with a set of requirements relevant to their service, and their service alone, simply isnt scalable given that each microservice is a very small piece of an incredibly large ecosystem. And each standard alone isnt enough to ensure availability, but together they are. Youll find out how.

This report is an excerpt of Fowlers forthcoming book, Production-Ready Microservices, in which she shares standards-based strategies for bringing microservices to a production-ready state.


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