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Python 201: Intermediate Python
: Python 201: Intermediate Python
: Driscoll M.
: Leanpub
: 2016 (version 2016-10-17)
: 255
: pdf
: 35 mb

Welcome to Python 201! I wrote this book to help take you to the next level in your programming journey. It will also demonstrate to you some of the many ways you can use Python in your day-to-day work. I will be covering intermediate and some advanced level material in this book. This book is using Python 3 in all of its examples. Some of the topics covered will only work in Python 3 as some of the modules covered contain updates that were not back-ported to Python 2. Also note that this book will follow in the footsteps of my first work in that I wont be covering the topics in minute detail, but just enough to allow you to start using these building blocks yourself.

Python 201 will be split into four parts:
Part one will cover intermediate modules
Part two will be on a variety of topics, such as unicode, generators and iterators
Part three will cover web related tasks with Python (but not web frameworks)
Part four is going to cover testing code

Python 201: Intermediate Python

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