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: Jonathan Couper-Smartt
: Marvel Encyclopedia Volume 4: Spider-Man
: Marvel Comics
: 2003
: Marvel Encyclopedia (Book 4)
ISBN: 978-0785113041
: English
: cbr
: 68,3 mb
: 240

Spider-Man preserves his relevance because, hey, he's just like us just trying to do the right thing in a crazy, mixed-up world regardless of the decade, regardless of cultural schisms, regardless of whether he's in the pages of a comic book, on our TV sets or on our movie screens. And until the world isn't crazy or mixed up anymore, Spider-Mans struggle will always be relevant.

This fully illustrated, comprehensive deluxe hardcover volume includes in-depth biographies, statistics, and essential reading lists for the world's most popular comic book hero, Spider-Man, and all his friends and foes like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Mary Jane Watson! An essential Who's Who of the Spider-Man universe for fans new and old of all ages!


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