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: Lonely Planets Global Chocolate Tour
: Lonely Planet
: Lonely Planet
: 2020
: 22
: / English

Inside this delicious guide to chocolate tasting across six continents, you'll discover everything from where to get Germany's best black forest cake to unmissable hot chocolate hotspots, revealing where to go and what to try, as well as finding out about the history, production and science of chocolate making. Packed with 150 of the world's best chocolate experiences across six continents, this globetrotting guide features master chocolatiers, artisan producers, exotic cocoa plantations, must-visit shops and lots more, as well as photos from all around the globe. The mouthwatering places in Lonely Planet's Global Chocolate Tour are bound to inspire tasty trips to these chocolate meccas, while giving you insights into the culture, history, people and passion behind each chocolatey creation.


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