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This is Namibia: This is Namibia
: Peter Joyce and Gerald Cubbit
: Penguin Random House
: 2014
: 40
: / English

Namibia is a vast and mostly desolate country found on the west coast of southern Africa. Bisected by the Tropic of Capricorn, the country is bounded in the west by the icy Atlantic Ocean and in the east by the Kalahari Desert that stretches all the way into neighboring Botswana. Its remaining frontiers are drawn by rivers: the Kunene in the north, the Okavango in the northeast and the Orange in the parched south. Within these boundaries is a land of magnificent beauty of towering sand dunes, jagged mountains, geological wonders and botanical marvels. For the wildlife that thrives there and the people who call it home, Namibia is paradise.

This is Namibia brings to life the history, natural splendors, magnificent wildlife and diverse cultures of this beautiful and enigmatic land. Stunning photographs and an informative, up-to-date text provide an inspiring account of one of the worlds last true wilderness regions.

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