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: Timothy Paul Jones
: Conspiracies and The Cross
: Frontline
: 2008
ISBN: 978-1599792057
: English
: pdf, epub
: 16,6 mb
: 272

At one time, people in western society lived in a culture in which tile Bible was assumed to possess a certain authority. In todays secular culture, many Christians dont feel as if they can necessarily appeal to the Bible as authoritative anymore. As a result. Christians dont know what to say. Some Christians assume that they have nothing to say. They feel intellectually naked in their culture, thinking, If I cant appeal to Scripture, what can I appeal to?

In such a context, many young people come to assume that there is a conflict between their faith and their mind, and they end up choosing reason over faith never recognizing that reason and faith were never contradictory in the first place. We are told to love God not just with our hearts but also with our minds, and we are told to give reasons for the hope that is within us. Thats why we must prepare ourselves. Even more importantly, that's why we have to prepare our children with intellectual and moral defenses so that they can fend off the attacks that will surely come.

Thats precisely what Timothy Paul Jones does throughout this book, in Conspiracies and the Cross. Jones has written a lucid, well-informed, and powerful book. It is an inspiration to Christians and a challenge to non-Christians.

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