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: Popular Mechanics 500 Simple Home Repair Solutions
: Norman Becker
: Hearst
ISBN: 1588163148
: 2004
: 272
: 115
: English

All homeowners know theres always something that needs repairing or upgrading. They just may not know how to solve the problem. But Norman Becker, the writer of Popular Mechanics Homeowners Clinic column, is here to help them fix those annoying, and sometimes dangerous, household occurrences. Presented in an accessible question and answer format, the information comes from real-life situations faced by homeowners. Its all divided into three easy-to-follow major sections: Exterior, Interior, and Electromechanicals. Every component is covered, from shingle moss on the roof to the wood-destroying insects in the foundation, plus walls, windows, doors, paved areas, landscaping, basement crawl spaces, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and more. Every homeowner needs this referencenow or in the future.


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