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Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, Second Edition
: Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, Second Edition (Dekker Mechanical Engineering)
: Kuppan Thulukkanam
: CRC Press
: 2013
: 1245
: 36.6 Mb
: English

Completely revised and updated to reflect current advances in heat exchanger technology, Heat Exchanger Design Handbook, Second Edition includes enhanced figures and thermal effectiveness charts, tables, new chapter, and additional topicsall while keeping the qualities that made the first edition a centerpiece of information for practicing engineers, research, engineers, academicians, designers, and manufacturers involved in heat exchange between two or more fluids.
See Whats New in the Second Edition:
- Updated information on pressure vessel codes, manufacturers association standards
- A new chapter on heat exchanger installation, operation, and maintenance practices
- Classification chapter now includes coverage of scrapped surface-, graphite-, coil wound-, microscale-, and printed circuit heat exchangers
- Thorough revision of fabrication of shell and tube heat exchangers, heat transfer augmentation methods, fouling control concepts and inclusion of recent advances in PHEs
- New topics like EMbaffle, Helixchanger, and Twistedtube heat exchanger, feedwater heater, steam surface condenser, rotary regenerators for HVAC applications, CAB brazing and cupro-braze radiators
Without proper heat exchanger design, efficiency of cooling/heating system of plants and machineries, industrial processes and energy system can be compromised, and energy wasted. This thoroughly revised handbook offers comprehensive coverage of single-phase heat exchangersselection, thermal design, mechanical design, corrosion and fouling, FIV, material selection and their fabrication issues, fabrication of heat exchangers, operation, and maintenance of heat exchangers all in one volume.

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