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: Nanoscience and Nanoengineering: Novel Applications
: Edited by V. B. Dementev, A. K. Haghi, V. I. Kodolov
: CRC Press
: 2019
: 392
: 31,48
: English

This volume presents a selection of important information and discussion on the new scientific trend of chemical mesoscopics and also sheds new knowledge on the science of nanomaterials, processes of nanochemistry, and nanoengineering. The volume explores nanomaterial development as well as investigations of processes and modeling. It provides new perspectives on processes, while also discussing new methods of treatment polymeric materials and different material modification, including by super small quantities of metal/carbon nanocomposites.
This volume will be a valuable resource on new trends on chemical mesoscopics, nanotechnology, and nanoengineering for researchers, scientists, professors, postgraduate students, and others.


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