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Mechanisms / Drives (Electromechanical Technology Series)
: Mechanisms / Drives (Electromechanical Technology Series)
: Richard W. Tinnell
: n/a
: 1971
: 200
: 26.4

Mechanisms/Drives is an introductory treatment of modern mechanical drives, combining the elements of mechanical theory with those of practicality. The topics treated include: various gear drive configurations employing spur, bevel, and helical gears, belt drives of several types, chain drives, friction drives, and some selected special topics such as cams and universal joints. The materials are intended for use by technology students who have had little or no previous exposure to practical applied mechanics. Consequently, no attempt has been made to cover the material in the fine detail that would be appropriate for the experienced specialist in mechanical drives. An attempt has been made to expose the student to the practical skills of mechanical assembly and to the principles of operation of a variety of mechanisms. The materials are presented in an action oriented format combining many of the features normally found in a textbook with those usually associated with a laboratory manual.


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