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: Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Models for Website Evaluation (Advances in Computational Intelligence and Robotics)
: Kemal Vatansever (Author, Editor), Yakup Akg?l (Editor)
: IGI Global
: 2019
: True PDF
: 254
: 2.3 Mb
: English

With almost every business application process being linked with a web portal, the website has become an integral part of any organization. Satisfying the end users needs is one of the key principles of designing an effective website. Because there are different users for any given website, there are different criteria that users want. Thus, evaluating a website is a multi-criteria decision-making problem in which the decision makers opinion should be considered for ranking the website.
Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Models for Website Evaluation is a critical scholarly resource that covers the strategies needed to evaluate the navigability and efficacy of websites as promotional platforms for their companies. Featuring a wide range of topics including linguistic modelling, e-services, and site quality, this book is ideal for managers, executives, website designers, graphic artists, specialists, consultants, educationalists, researchers, and students.


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