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Introduction to acupuncture
: Introduction to acupuncture
: A. L. Agrawal, S. P. Marda
: New Delhi JB Medical Publishers
: 1985
: pdf
: 162
: 16.2 Mb

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Introduction to Acupuncture intends to evoke keen interest equally amongst the students and practitioners of acupuncture and the uninitiated as well. It attempts to broadly present the basic aspects of the subject in a systematic, well-planned and completely illustrative manner. The introductory chapters outline the scope of discassion and give a preamble to the science of acupucture. The text then proceeds to describe the different methods of acupuncture stimulation - both ancient and modern - giving the latest equipment used in practice.
The chapter on meridians describes the meridian pathways, selected meridian points and clinical importance of each meridian and acupuncture point. The text is so profusely illustrated that even a layman can follow the subject with the help of such exhaustive and well-labelled diagrams and especially the high quality pictures giving the precise location of the acupuncture and acupressure points in the human body.
The star fearture of the book is the chapter on acupressure treatment which is aimed at the requirements of a layman - so to say to provide home remedy for common ailments through the use of acupuncture and acumassege.


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