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: Photos With Impact: Revised Edition
: Tom MacKie
: PE Press
: 2017
: 22,7
: / English

Featuring over 150 stunning images from a renowned master of the genre, Images With Impact is a masterclass in how to capture compelling landscapes, architecture and nature photographs.

Originally published by leading landscape photographer Tom Mackie in 2003, Images With Impact was an instant bestseller. Now completely updated for the digital era, this brand new e-edition is just as essential for anyone who wants to raise their own digital landscape photography game.Written in Mackies friendly, informative style for which his workshops are famous the practical commentary covers composition, lighting, colour and form, giving the reader every opportunity to get under the skin of Mackies trademark technique: simplifying images down to their basic elements.With this book youll develop the skill of being able to spot the potential of subjects that others may miss, and youll also pick up professional digital tips that will revolutionize your workflow without scrambling your brain. A true visual treat, Images With Impact is the one photo workbook you wont want to be without.


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